Know More About Lume

Lume is an evolving solar power company. We are on the frontage of renewable energy systems with power system offerings, that comprises of solar rooftop systems, solar home lighting systems, solar street lights, and bottle crusher and other green solutions.

Geological location of Indian Subcontinent is blessed with a lot of solar energy. We must put our efforts to make the country green through this renewable source thus, helping the entire planet.

The process of Installation of Solar Panels

Installation is the easiest part of going solar. It makes the environment green and keeps your heavy bills at bay. This is the process we follow for installing Solar Panels at your home, office or any site:

Site Evaluation

Under site evaluation, we inspect your roof space and your site’s electrical system. Specialists from Lume shall determine the best location to mount the hardware that runs your system.

Solar Installation

Solar panels are attached to the roof and the related electrical and monitoring equipment is mounted, this entire process takes one to three days, depending on the size of your system.

Inspection and Interconnection

We keep a check, inspect and analyze the running of the solar panels. Keeping you personally informed about how things are progressing, is one of the advantages of employing Lume.

Production and deployment of solar energy has tremendous potential in the times to come

Projects Lume Has Undertaken:

Lume Energy is at the forefront of the renewable energy with solar power system offerings, that includes solar rooftop systems, solar home lighting systems, solar street lights, and other solar power projects.

  • Solar Petrol Pumps
  • Solar Commercial Projects
  • Solar Residential Rooftop Projects
  • Solar Water Pump
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Our Mission

Our mission has always been the sole purpose of building a better place to exist by reducing the carbon emission. We envision our green solutions to be a step towards making the air clearer, the water purer and our planet healthier.

Our Vision

We believe in delivering clean energy. The conventional means use coal or natural gas which emits harmful toxins into the environment. We provide solar solutions which will help in converting solar energy into electricity at lower costs.