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With India being the third largest producer and fourth largest consumer of
electricity, going solar had long been viewed as an environmentally responsible energy
choice for many businesses. However businesses now have more reasons to go solar, one of
them being a smart cost - saving choice.
Spurred by an increasing investment in solar sector and an ambitious plan by PM Narendra
Modi’s government to produce as much as 100 GW by 2022 from the current solar power
generation capacity of 9 GW, major companies are going solar. This shows that the
country’s most energy utilizing sectors are now ready to adopt low-cost and clean power
Green Manufacturing has been at the heart of one such big gun of the two wheeler industry
- Hero Motocorp. To extend these high ecological standards and give back to the
environment, the company’s R&D division – Centre Of Innovation & Technology (CIT) went
for On Grid Solar Rooftop Systems. On – Grid System offers the benefit of better efficiency
rates and is simple to be installed. This solar project had been successfully undertaken by
Lume Solar, a company specializing in solar rooftop installations. As a result of this step
towards Green Manufacturing, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) granted the centre a
platinum rating of 91 points, making it the highest rated facility among the manufacturing
sector in India.
A similar solar rooftop project had been undertaken by Lume Solar for another big name in
the automobile sector – Tata Motors. By joining the RE100 initiative, Tata Motors
has committed to source 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources — an
impressive task. The brand “Tata” has always believed in giving back to the society and
environment and with this initiative, it is in the “green” way.
Pipara & Company, a leading CA Internal Audit and Corporate Consultant firm based in
Ahmedabad became the first company in Gujarat to have installed net metering along with
the on-grid solar rooftop installation with the help of Lume Solar. Net Metering allowed
them to put the excess electricity generated by solar panels onto the utility grid instead of
storing it themselves with batteries. In simple language, energy you don’t use gets sold back
to the utility company in return of credits.
Lume Solar also provides Live Energy Tracking System to all their clients enabling them to
keep a track on the electricity generated through the solar panels installed. Apart from the
solar rooftop installations, the company also specializes in solarisation of petrol pumps.
Lume Solar has to its credit solarizing petrol pump units of some major oil marketing
Rooftop solar will continue its spectacular growth trend in 2017, expected to reach 1.1 GW
of rooftop solar capacity to be added in 2017. With the right government policies in place to
encourage solar energy application, this renewable source of energy will continue to play a
crucial role in growth of India’s economy.

It is increasingly evident that solar is a smart business decision wherever your business may
be. So, are you ready to turn to sun to power our future?


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