Compost machine plays an important role in keeping the environment clean, which is done by converting the biodegradable waste like food, bones, dry leaves etc. into compost. It involves a process of composting organic waste materials and converting it into compost.


How does the Compost Machine work?

The composting machine includes a container and mixer powder for decomposing of wastes. The output from the machine takes a nominal amount of time to generate compost and after which it regularly makes the compost available for use.

We provide end to end waste management solutions

Lume provides the best compost machines – durable, highly reliable and helps in waste reduction at low cost with easy installation, fast customer support and also fulfills the 3 R’s i.e. reduce, reuse, recycle.

Types of Compost machines with Lume

Bifurcation of compost machines made easy

Types of compost machines available depend upon the nature of your waste produced. If the waste produced from your kitchen or home is greater then, a large size 2 tier system can be installed. Similarly, if the waste produced less, then a smaller system can be deployed.

Lume's specialist's words on compost machines

Which Compost machine is suitable for you?

If you are an Industrialist then we suggest Industrial food composting machine. If you are a doctor or own a hospital then composting machines for the hospital can be deployed and for all the household purposes food composting machine will be an ideal choice.

Benefits of Compost Machine?

  •  Helps in waste reduction
  •  Helps in making good quality compost
  •  Contributes to waste-management
  •  Compost provides nutrition to plants
  •  Preservation and conservation of Ecology
  •  Reduction in water pollution

Importance of Compost Machine

Lume believes in compost management with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment. These compost machines help in reducing the waste by 85 to 90% and converting it into high-quality compost within a less amount of time. These compost machines are great in quality which helps noiseless and odorless working and it also does not release CFC emission.

Compost perfects the soil structure so that soil can hold the correct extent of moisture, nutrients, and air. Compost machine provides the ideal solution for reducing waste by changing it into compost which is important as a rich natural fertilizer which henceforth decreases the use of chemical fertilizers. We at Lume recommend the use of Compost Machines.

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