Corporate houses are one such location whereby deploying solar panels one can save a lot of money. These places have a higher usage of electricity, which generates excessive bills and also causes adverse effects on the climate.

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The growing demand for solar panel for corporate houses

People are getting more and more rapt about the importance of the solar panels and their contribution towards the change in the climate scenario. Not only this, people are getting more conscious about cost-cutting and saving a huge amount of money.

Lume is the best solar panel provider in India

Unlike many other industrial sectors and businesses, corporate house’s customers are present 24*7 on the premises and need full-time electricity support leading to heavy diesel consumption for power generation.

Lume's Recommendation

How to use Solar energy?

Lume recommends net metering; if available for hotels or other corporate houses. We suggest multiple power source integration and if possible, the house can think of shifting some part of the load at the panel. This can save the overall load and help maintain reciprocity of energy.

Solarisation of corporate houses

We provide end to end corporate solarisation

We offer a steady, sustainable form of energy that lowers the cost of bills and can help corporate houses attain huge savings on even the most energy exhaustive processes. Lume is your one-stop solution for solar-related issues.

Benefits of Corporate House Solarization

  •  Energy security
  •  Cost-effectiveness
  •  Reliable
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Flexible configurations as per clients’ need
  •  Sustainable

Importance of solar panels in corporate houses

While less than 2% of the world’s electricity is currently produced through solar photovoltaic technology, a recent report assessed that this could increase to 13% by the year 2030. Moving to solar power can help lessen your bills and your carbon footprint. By using electricity created by burning gas, coal and oil corporate houses, businesses, and industries can instead turn to renewable forms of energy.

The prime benefit of installing solar panels is that the expenses get cut, and your product gets intact for more than a period of 2 decades straight. Undoubtedly, clean energy is the future of the nation.

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