Industries typically consume electricity and a lot of diesel for power generation. But if such industries switch to renewable sources of energy then an average industry can consume maximum benefits from solar plants in India.

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Solar Rooftop For Industries

India is rich in solar energy and is most beneficial for industries with a proper rooftop. Industries have various applications such as boilers and steam generation units which require heated water inlets, and so much more. Solar systems, if deployed, can offer a constant supply of hot water at affordable rates.

Lume is the best provider of solar rooftop panels for industries in India!

We have myriad of experts to meet all the client’s need. Lume provides on-site as well as an off-site solar solution for giving you the best results. Skilled engineers and technicians will help you out with products designed as per the government norms.

Why choose Lume for Industrial Solar Rooftop Solution?

Our services for solarization of industry

We provide high-end services like power sales & trading, advisory service planning/site mapping, project development implementation, maintenance service. These services make us distinct and build a trust among our patrons. Our products are resilient and have a minimum service life of 25 years.

Types of solar panels for industries

What would suit your industry?

Companies operating in locations containing flammable gases, vapor, liquids or in remote locations and areas with extreme climates require heavy duty solar panels, manufactured to perform in any climatic condition with assured durability. Utility-scale solar power projects are best for large-scale purposes.

Benefits of solar panels in industries

  •   Simple & cost-effective
  •   Easy installations
  •   Help reduce electricity bills
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Contributing towards a greener earth
  •   25 years of hassle-free energy source

Importance of solar panels in industries

Industries require constant accessibility and high dependability from the various power systems without any underperformances. There is no doubt that the sun shines brightly on the Indian subcontinent. And that we must make good use of the same. This will enable us to generate a huge amount of energy to power appliances in industries. Industries can benefit from utilizing solar power in various applications.

Solar Electric Power can be generated varying from small solar home systems of 100 Watts to large-scale solar panel systems as huge as 100 MW or sometimes even more than that. Solar power systems if used efficiently can reduce the unwanted bills and also provide relaxation from maintenance for a good number of 25 years.

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