We at Lume, urge on creating solar solutions for the parking space of your building. Solar Parking Lots provide both protection for your vehicles at the same time generating electricity for the building.

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Solarization of parking lots

We take solarization of parking lots from their inception to the endpoint and make it easier for you. Our end goal is to make our clients happier and our planet greener.

Lume provides innovative solar parking solutions in India

We have aimed at making every little space solar in India so that the carbon emission of the areas gets lessened. Parking Lots in India majorly have missed the fact of having solarized parking lots. Lume aims at installing solar panels at parking lots to minimize the overall carbon footprint.

Why choose Lume for Solarization of Parking lots?

We execute our plan with the utmost intelligence

We provide end to end solution of solarization of parking lots in India. We have an expert team of engineers and technicians who will guide you through the process of going solar with the parking space.

Your Trusted solarization partner

Take Lume your solarization partner for a better future

Lume has established a reputation as a trusted partner pan-India and has made a successful alliance with industry giants across the nation. This makes us a trusted partner for the solarization of parking lots and taking a step towards its better future.

Benefits of solar panels at parking lots

  •   Strategic utilization of parking spaces
  •   Simple & cost-effective
  •   Easy installations
  •   Reduce electricity bills
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Contributing towards a greener earth

Importance of solar panels at parking lots

Lume is the leading player in solarization of parking lots and has a dedicated in-house team for your solar related needs. We are lucky to serve you with the best and most innovative team that would assist you at every step of going solar in parking spaces. We provide solarization of parking lots at the lowest cost.

Solarization of parking lots will not only lessen the carbon emission but also help in maintaining the overall electricity bill of the building. There is no doubt that the sun shines brightly on the Indian subcontinent. It is our intellect that we must use that solar energy to safeguard our planet at the same time generate a huge amount of energy.

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