This is a machine in which anyone can dump or discard plastic bottles and it can consume up to 5000 bottles in one go!


We are the leading providers of PET Bottle Crusher

Lume provides the most efficient PET bottle crushers. We guarantee easy installations and give constant support for having the best experience. PET bottle crushers are indeed an essentiality when it comes to keeping our surroundings healthy and clean.

Where to install PET Bottle Crushers?

A PET Bottle crusher can be used anywhere. They keep the environment clean, healthy and free from plastic waste. In many parts of India, bottle crusher is deployed and the user is presented with a token prize.

Working of a PET Bottle crusher

How does a crusher work?

Lume’s PET Bottle crushers can be handled by an operator with ease. The place to locate a PET Bottle crusher can be in an open or closed place. This shall ensure minimal wastage. Administering the machine can be helpful as when PET residue is collected in the machine it can be directly sent to the recycling plants for re-processing.

PET Crushing made easy with Lume

Lume makes PET crushing uncomplicated

Each machine is designed with our advanced technology rendering optimum performance and efficacy. Lume makes PET crushing uncomplicated by the ease of installation and the machine services are assisted up by an on-call constant support ultimately maintaining the effectiveness of the crushing process.

Benefits of PET Bottle Crusher Machines

  •  User-Friendly
  •  Safety channels inside the hopper
  •  Overload protection
  •  Variable sizing as per client’s need
  •  Vibration Free
  •  Easy to clean & lubricate

Importance of PET Bottle Crusher Machines

Bottles once discarded, can be re-used. If it is not re-used then it remains as it is on our planet earth, since nature takes 1000 years or more to destroy it. This leads to severe issues like clogging of drains, sewer lines and over-filling of the landfills. And over the years PET has harmful effects on humans and other living beings as well. PET bottle crusher is a necessity in today's world as we need to keep our planet clean and ourselves healthy.

This simple PET Bottle crusher machine has confirmed its significance in large and small-scale industries. It works well in houses as well. PET Bottle crushers are important in households and industrial workplace to make them waste-free, at the same time keeping the mother earth clean. This will definitely prove good for your economy and for our future generations.

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