Lume offers proficient residential rooftop solar solutions that are simple to install, maneuver and offer cost-effective access to solar energy.

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Benefits of Solar residential:

  •  Cost-effective
  •  Consumes less electricity
  •  Reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2
  •  Solar residential also reduces water consumption
  •  It is a source of Green Technology
  •  A reliable source of power
  •  A sustainable source of energy
  •  The future of electricity

Residential Rooftop Solar Solutions

What we do ?

We exhibit the potential of solar power and acknowledge the significance of having a sustainable energy source that is also cost-effective. If your bill is higher than the normal, deploying a Residential Rooftop Solar Solution can be ideal for your house. Schedule a free consultation with Lume to know what’s best for your home.

How we do ?

Our efficient team shall be in-charge of the whole system. From taking care of site inspection to installation and periodic checks of your system is what we do at Lume to make sure you have a safe and fulfilling journey with us.


Why is residential solar vital?

Solar energy is green, renewable and ample. These can be considered as upgrades and increase your home’s value. Most states in India have good-to-excellent solar resource. Even places with relatively low Sun can experience cost savings at high levels.

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