Bid goodbye to darkness and costly electricity bills! Our solar based LEDs harness the sun’s energy to produce impeccable lighting solutions for residential and commercial purposes


Redecorate your area with solar-based LEDs

Beautify your premises by utilizing our high-quality illumination LEDs. Not just that, you also play your part in the environment by deploying these solar based LEDs.

How Solar based LED work at Night?

Many people use solar-powered lights in their landscaping. Solar based LEDs are ideal for night time as well, whether you want them in your house or factory. Bring the luminance and energy of the sun indoor by Lume’s Solar based LEDs.

Benefits of Solar Based LED

  •   Easier to install and maintain
  •   Minimizes pollution
  •   Decreases total household spending
  •   Convenient and cost-effective
  •   Replaces fuel lamps
  •   Uses solar photovoltaic panel.
  •   Reliable source of electricity supply

The Perfect Solar Based LEDs from Lume

We provide the best solar based LEDs at your doorsteps. With a minimum charge time, we ensure that our products give you the best and most optimum results. Schedule a free consultation today to know what kind of Solar based LED is best for you.

Best Part of Using Lume’s Solar based LEDs?

Solar based LEDs are green and we know that green energy is completely renewable. The best part about using solar powered LEDs is that they can be installed anywhere. They are sturdy and use lower voltage, typically 12 or 24 Volts DC, which means they are harmless to the environment.

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