Solar Home Illumination System

Lume home illumination systems are designed for simplicity and ease of use to fulfill a range of illumination needs - from individual houses in a village to remote areas or classrooms - without expensive and complicated system designing.

home illumination
home illumination

Thanks to our easy "Plug & Play" function, LUME illumination system can be easily installed by you or a local electrician.

Home lightening system can be customized according to requirements of villages.

Lume Solar Home Lighting System

This lighting system works with both, Solar Power and Electricity.

It includes the following

  • Solar Home Light Setup Box
  • 3 watt LED Light (2 Pcs) - with 4 meter wire
  • Inbuilt 7.2 AH Battery
  • Solar Module 20 Watt (MNRE Approved) with 4 meter wire and 25 years Life
  • Inbuilt (3 Watt) LED
  • DC Fan with ABS Body and MS Powder coated front grill
  • Mobile charging cord
  • AC charger cord
  • Complete System gives power backup of 4-5 Hours
  • 1 year warranty
home illumination