As electricity prices across India are witnessing an upsurge in the last few years, it has become crucial to utilize the technology of solar panels for factories and warehouses that spread across thousands of square kilometers.

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Dream of sustainable growth

With us, you can achieve your dream of sustainable growth. Lume takes the responsibility to maintain the solarization of warehouses and ensure uninterrupted power generation through the same. The cleanest energy alternative to conventional electrical energy is the sun, and together we can make use of it to achieve great results.

Why Utilize Solar Energy in Your Warehouse?

The rooftops of warehouses are often an idyllic place to mount a solar panel. By merely fitting a solar panel on the roof of your warehouse, you can start to yield enough energy to power everything under the roof. It helps to reduce your outlay on energy, at the same time lets you contribute towards benefitting the nature.

Benefits of having Lume

Why solarize your warehouse rooftops with Lume?

Lume believes in rigorous observance of all safety guidelines when it comes to installation of solar panels. We employ best practices which in-turn results in 100% client satisfaction. We have a well-trained staff of engineers, procurement and project management team who understand the importance of solarization.

Why are solar panels at warehouses the need of the hour?

Lume’s Warehouse solarization for dream sustainable growth

We have tons of experience of providing sustainable solutions for warehouses, industries, commercial establishments, and residences across the nation. Warehouse solarization is crucial as it shall benefit not only your business but also the entire conventional energy system.

Benefits of Solarization of warehouses

  •   25 Years life of solar panels
  •   Availing credit benefit on excess energy produced through Net Metering policy
  •   Getting rid of huge electricity tariff
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Contributing to the environment

Importance of Solarization of Warehouses

Warehouses are spread across miles and consume a lot of electric energy which leads to massive electric bills. Here, installing solar panels on the rooftops of warehouses can generate a sustainable energy source. Also, there are places where the government supports schemes for solar panel installations such as net metering. Through these schemes, an owner can earn or generate a lot of income from producing solar electricity for their warehouses.

Solarization with Lume comes with site mapping, project development implementation, and efficient maintenance services. We have a well-trained troupe of operators, engineers who comply the need to have solar panels. Rooftop solar power can fulfill maximum of your warehouse’s electricity requirements. This is a great number and hence proves the importance of solarization of warehouses.

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